Shenzhen Huaqiangbei Electronic Person has experienced too much in less than a year.

The chip market in March has not completely cooled down. The first wave of epidemic is coming. The whole city works at home for seven days. Huaqiang Beiren move goods and computers overnight before the market and office buildings are closed.

It is now the off-season of the market, and it is rare to receive orders, but the epidemic has occurred one after another. It comes suddenly, unlike March, when there is time to move goods overnight, and it is sealed for “three days and three days”. I don’t know when it will come to an end.

BA. The 5 mutant runs faster and is more hidden. Shenzhen is not only the “southern gate” of China, but also the city with the largest population density of more than 1 million people. Futian District of Shenzhen, where Huaqiangbei is located, is also one of the most densely populated districts in Shenzhen. Huaqiangbei and its city are facing a test again.

On the other hand, Huaqiangbei market holds nearly 50% of the electronic components in the domestic open market, and its every move also affects the nerves of the entire electronic industry chain. Does the new round of epidemic affect chip distribution? What are the impacts? Reading this article, you will understand:

  1. Epidemic situation in Huaqiangbei
  2. Personnel flow and goods receipt and delivery
  3. Troubles and worries under the epidemic


Become a Heavenly Choice Worker

The chip distribution market of Huaqiangbei is different from that in the past as it is experiencing the second serious epidemic this year.

In March, the city pressed the pause button. Now, except for the market, it is not allowed to open. It is mainly for closed-loop management of buildings and communities where nucleic acid abnormalities are found. Therefore, chip workers are either locked up at home or the company is sealed off. As for those who can normally enter and leave the company and home at two points and one line, they are all chosen workers.

In fact, the experience of Tianxuan migrant workers is not mysterious at all. The community and unit have not become medium and high-risk, have not experienced silence, temporary control, etc., and everything is smooth on the way to work.

Even those who choose to work often walk by the river, so they can’t get their shoes wet. Passing by the building where the case was found, just sending a logistics message may make you happy to stay at home for three days.

Many office buildings in Huaqiangbei have been sealed off these days.

According to various temporary control notices circulated in the circle of friends recently, Xin Shixiang has marked the office building/market recently controlled by temporary epidemic prevention in Huaqiang North Business Street (once) on the map. As of noon on September 9, Guoli, duhuixuan and duhui100 had all lifted their temporary control. New Asia Electronics and Huaqiang Electronics world are the electronic markets, which have not yet opened as of noon on September 9.

Unlike Tianxuan migrant workers, most of them have a longer front. From August 29 to September 1, they have been working at home for four days.

On August 29, Shenzhen Futian District and Luohu District announced that the “strict home” 4-day temporary control measures will be implemented for Guiyuan sub district, Nanhu sub district and Sungang sub district in Luohu District, Yuanling sub district, Huaqiangbei sub district and Nanyuan sub district in Futian District. The implementation time is from 0:00 on August 29 to 24:00 on September 1, 2022. In Futian District and Luohu District, except for the supermarkets (including farmers’ markets), pharmacies, medical institutions and catering (only for takeout) that guarantee basic needs, other business places and stores are closed.

On September 2, I finally went to work for a day, but on the weekends of September 3 to 4, some areas were silent. When Lei Budong, a migrant worker, came to work on September 5, he found that many of his colleagues were still locked in their homes. As time went by, fewer and fewer colleagues were on duty until the company building was closed and all of them worked at home. In addition, Huaqiang North’s market was closed from August 29 to the noon of September 9.

On the morning of the 5th, the Ethnic Affairs Committee of Fuqiang community in Huaqiangbei street, where the landmark Saige square (building) in Huaqiangbei is located, issued a red head document, saying that the building had a positive case. After the study and judgment of the disease control department, the building was temporarily controlled for four days from September 5th. During this period, the building was closed. The reopening time will be notified after the study and judgment of the disease control department. A friend’s community working in Saige Building has just been unsealed, and the company has been sealed again. Since the control ended at 0:00 on September 9, the legal holiday of the Mid Autumn Festival on September 10 followed, and the goods could not be moved out, the business of this week was impossible.

In Futian Street opposite Huaqiangbei street, Guangye building, the office building with the largest number of confirmed cases, also appeared. On September 6, 32 cases were confirmed in Futian District, of which 16 cases were in Guangye building. On the 7th, Guangye Building screened 13 new cases, and on the 8th, 33 new cases were confirmed.

With the advance of screening, you should be ready to be temporarily controlled at any time. On September 7, a case was found in Sangda building, and the personnel under temporary control “only enter but not leave”. That night, the merchants had been informed to be ready to surround at any time.

It can be clearly felt that compared with March this year, the prevention and control of this epidemic response is more flexible. It is basically found that one case is sealed in one place, which relatively retains the possibility of no abnormal movement of personnel in low-risk areas.


Goods are normally received and dispatched except for high-risk areas

Query the notice of the New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters in various districts of Shenzhen, and the local authorities will implement containment and control measures for high-risk areas and medium risk areas respectively:

 The closure and control measures of “staying at home and providing door-to-door services” are generally implemented for those adjusted to high-risk areas. There are no new infections in the area for 7 consecutive days, and all personnel in the risk area are negative after completing a round of nucleic acid screening on the 7th day, reducing them to medium risk areas; There was no new infection for three consecutive days, and it was reduced to a low-risk area.

 The management and control measures of “no people leave the area and take things at different peaks” are generally implemented for those adjusted to medium risk areas. There were no new infections in the area for 7 consecutive days, and all personnel in the risk area completed a round of nucleic acid screening on the 7th day were negative, which reduced to low-risk area.

It is worth noting that as of the noon of September 9, all logistics and transportation were in normal operation. The rumor that “all express delivery in Futian District were closed for 3 days” spread earlier is a rumor. Due to the closure of many offices and the closure of many migrant workers at home, the number of express delivery in the same city has increased significantly. While Huaqiang North usually has a lot of goods in circulation and a large amount of express delivery. An office building is generally equipped with 5-6 special recipients, and there is also a special person for delivery. One person is responsible for several floors. There is no shortage of express delivery brothers in this period.

Therefore, as long as the office space or residential area is not classified as a high-risk area, the personnel in the medium risk area are allowed to operate in the control area, and the goods themselves can circulate. It is not a problem to take a take out or send a express delivery. As long as the day selected migrant workers are not close to the high-risk area, everything works normally.

Ah Wen is a rare “free person” in the company. Many of his colleagues have been sealed at home. Fortunately, the company has not been sealed. The only trouble is that there are customers who need to follow the chip quality inspection process. The quality inspection colleagues have been sealed in the community, so they have to go to the entrance of his community. Here they take the goods for inspection, and there they pass the inspected goods out of the community door. As long as we coordinate the whole process of receiving, quality inspection and delivery, and do not violate the epidemic prevention and control regulations, we can still receive orders safely.

But the weather is unpredictable, and you don’t know whether your community will be controlled tomorrow, so there is a funny and helpless scene that the Internet said, “The young man practices basketball hard and grows up to work in Huaqiang North because of his hard life”. Maybe it was a sudden epidemic in the community. In the absence of clear screening, people and things could not get in and out yet. Facing the pressure from the boss and customers, the boy had to find a way to get out the freight that was hard to move home. The young men took their seats to avoid the white light of the guard

Fortunately, there are no controlled units, and in this special period, only employees of internal companies can enter and exit, and suppliers’ goods can only be delivered downstairs to sign for receipt.

It’s good to say that the warehouse is in the office building, like the stall in Huaqiangbei Market, which can’t be opened. Some businesses bet their offices on the market counters, which is equivalent to putting their warehouses in the same basket. Once an epidemic occurs, they will be the first to be closed. Forced by helplessness, they had to set up stalls outside the market, forming a unique picture of the market before.

On the evening of September 4, Huaqiang North Street issued a notice: from 0:00 on September 5, the management of public places will continue to be strengthened, including the suspension of business in wholesale markets (except farmers’ markets and wholesale markets for agricultural products) and other public places. According to the notice, stalls outside the market were not allowed. According to the feedback of many friends in the market, there were no stalls. Even if someone stayed in the square, they were those who were delivering goods and would not stay for a long time.

In fact, many businesses have moved away from Huaqiang North this year, and some have moved to office buildings. However, someone has already cancelled the owner’s self-employed license at Huaqiang North stall, which is relatively rare in the chip distribution market. After all, most of the chips are sold through online transactions and offline delivery. In addition, under the hot chip market last year, if the losses are not serious, the stores can not go to the disbanded fields.


Greatest anxiety

Huaqiang North Commercial Street, the “first electronic street of China”, is located 930 meters north and south of Huaqiang North Road, 1560 meters east and West. The total area of the commercial area is about 1.45 square kilometers. The business area of the commercial street is nearly 200000 square meters, accounting for 1 / 4 of the business area of the whole commercial street. It accommodates more than 10000 large and small merchants and nearly 100000 employees. When you come to Huaqiangbei, you will find that there are not only those who buy and sell electronic components, but also those who sell “black technology”, mining machines and cosmetics.

As of September 9, there were more newly confirmed cases in Futian District where Huaqiangbei is located. Huaqiangbei sub district and Futian sub district, which are located in the East and south of Futian District, are connected north and south through Shennan Road. Futian sub district is also the key area of the epidemic outbreak.

The Guangye Building mentioned above has a large number of people diagnosed. It is located in Futian Street, near Huaqiang North, and has chip distribution related enterprises. Many migrant workers work in Huaqiang North Street during the day and return to Futian Street for rest at night. Before the epidemic situation is gradually controlled, there is still some uncertainty between these two front-line areas.

According to media reports, the epidemic broke out in Shenzhen in February this year. Since March 14, Shenzhen has implemented closed management on community communities, villages in the city and industrial parks in the whole city, which once hindered terminals from all over the country from purchasing goods in Shenzhen, thus affecting the release of terminal products. According to past experience, it is generally believed that it is OK to seal for two or three days, and more than a week may have an impact on the industrial chain.

“My biggest anxiety is that my home is sealed and the market is sealed. The customer’s goods can’t be taken out. I regret that I was pulled to the counter last Thursday!” A friend was locked up at home and his business was washed away by carelessness. There are still many shops that can’t deliver the goods. The trouble is due to the trouble, which also means that they are “closed” and “used to it”, because when more and more buildings are diagnosed, there is no sign that they can recover completely in two or three days.

Business will be somewhat restricted in terms of timeliness. For some businesses with many urgent orders, if the company or employees are blocked, it is difficult to guarantee that the goods required by customers will be delivered on the same day, and customers will look for other suppliers to find goods. For businesses with many routes, taking the opportunity to take the place of peers to receive orders will bring both crises and opportunities.

Sealed again and again, when will this epidemic end? Arvin sent three classic little yellow faces and bared his teeth on his mobile phone, and said: “no rules can make a circle. Do your own thing and wait silently. It’s difficult for everyone, but I’m not afraid.”

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