Since the second quarter of 2022, in addition to the scene of “ice and fire”, the chip spot market has another significant feature: the life cycle of the skyrocketing online red chip is getting shorter and shorter. Previously, it was “indifferent”, and a few weeks later, it was “clearing”.

For most chips, the price rise is caused by various reasons and lasts for a long time. Although the price falls, it is still higher than the normal price. However, occasionally there will be a flash in the pan new star, attracting a large number of traffic in the short term, and then due to weak demand prices fall rapidly. If the former is a “chain store” with stable development, the latter is like a “flash store” following the trend.
We took an inventory of ST, NXP, Microchip, Qualcomm, Infineon and other brands, screened out two different types of iconic chips, “Chain” and “Flash”, and looked at what are long-term high prices and what are short-term soaring.

High “Chain”
STM32F103xx series hot search material number ranking list dominated “nail households”
Last year, the basic model 103 series and 030 series of ST dominated the list, and their prices remained high, making them the strongest nail households in the “chain” category.

The price of STM32F103 series has risen sharply since March 21. The price has soared all the way to July and then gradually fell back. However, a new round of sharp rise began around February 22. The high price has remained high for 1-2 months and then dropped rapidly. Although the current price is still higher than the normal price, the difference between the previous 20 times is small.

During the boom, the STM32F103VET6 with the highest price increase was 16 yuan at the normal price and 400 yuan at the highest price, which was 25 times higher. The highest price of the STM32F103C8T6 of the same series was 9 times higher than the normal price.

STM32F103 belongs to low and medium end 32-bit MCU, which adopts Cortex-M3 core and has a maximum CPU speed of 72 MHz. This product series has 16KB-1MB Flash, multiple control peripherals, USB full speed interface and CAN. It is used in sales of node computers, USB devices, building security/fire protection/HVAC, household appliances and other fields.

The popular evergreen trees of STM32F407xx series are still strong
As a model with high performance of ST 32-bit MCU, the price of STM32F407 series has remained high since the surge in March 21. Although the price fluctuated greatly during this period, it is still high compared with the normal price.

The peak price rise of STM32F407VET6 reached 110 yuan, nearly six times higher than the normal price of 19 yuan. Although it has dropped to 46 yuan, it is still one time higher than the normal price. The highest price of STM32F407VGT6 was 130 yuan, which was 6.5 times higher than the normal price of 20 yuan.
STM32F407xx series is a high-performance basic series ARM Cortex-M4 MCU with DSP and FPU. It is used in motor drive and application control, medical equipment, PLC, inverter, circuit breaker and other industrial applications, printers and scanners, alarm systems, visual intercom systems, HVAC, home audio equipment.

SAK-TC277TP-64F200N DC’s price has soared, which is stronger than the epidemic
The market price of Infineon was once more fierce than the epidemic situation, and the situation of tens of times soaring made the people who ate melons unable to afford it. Although many prices have fallen recently, the prices of some models have remained firm for a long time.

The price of SAK-TC277TP-64F200N DC chip that can be used in automobiles has risen sharply in January 22 and continues to this day. The highest price has exceeded 4000 yuan. Although it has fallen back after June, it still remains above 2000 yuan. Under the impact of the shortage of auto chips, it is still some time before the chip returns to its normal price.

SAK-TC277TP-64F200N DC is a powerful 32-bit MCU of Infineon and the first generation Aurix TC27xT product of Infineon. Its innovative multi-core architecture is based on up to three independent 32-bit TriCore CPUs, designed to meet extremely high safety standards and significantly improve performance.
Main applications: industrial and consumer applications, such as motor control, multi axis helicopters, wireless charging, industrial robots, etc; Automobile chassis and safety applications, such as gasoline direct injection, diesel direct injection, DC/DC converter, (H) EV main inverter, etc.

MCIMX6U7CVM08AD feigns a shot and continues to walk high
The official website price of MCIMX6U7CVM08AD is 27.48 US dollars (about 185 yuan). It has increased sharply since January 22, and reached 800 yuan in February and March. It rose again after a sudden drop of half in April, and still remains high. However, on September 7, NXP (NXP) reported that it had raised the price of the car chip, and the high price of the chip is expected to continue.

MCIMX6U7CVM08AD is NXP’s i.MX 6 series 32-bit MPU, which is used in automobile, industrial control, mobile consumer electronics, smart home, etc. i. MX 6 series application processors combine the scalable platform with extensive integration and high energy efficiency processing capabilities, especially suitable for multimedia applications.

R8035-AL1B online celebrity or that online celebrity
The agency price of AR8035-AL1B is 5.9 US dollars (about 42.74 yuan), which has been growing gradually since September 21. In January 22, it started to soar, with the highest price of 633 yuan, nearly 15 times higher than the agency price, and kept the same price for three consecutive months. After a brief fall in May, it remained twice higher than the agency price until July.

This high-precision low-power analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is used in portable instruments, battery voltage and current monitoring, temperature measurement systems, consumer electronics, factory automation and process control.

The naming rule ADS111x is a 16 bit high-precision low-power ADC compatible with I2C, including ADS1113, ADS1114, and ADS1115.

A fleeting “flash”
TPS92692&TPS926623 rose 100 times in 23 months and fell back to its original shape in 3 months
TPS92692 and TPS92662 are two TI chips used in automobile LED lamps. The normal price of TPS92692 is 5.8 yuan, and that of TPS92662 is 25 yuan.

Both began to show an upward trend in December 21, and soared all the way to the peak in March 22. TPS92692 jumped 163 times to 950 yuan, and TPS92662 reached 2800 yuan, both exceeding 100 times.
However, the high price only lasted for two months. In May, both fell rapidly to the range before the sharp rise and continued to slow down. At present, TPS92662 is still slightly higher than the normal price, but the difference is not large, and TPS92692 has recovered to the normal price level.

TPS92662A-Q1 is a 12 channel high brightness LED matrix manager for automobile headlamp system. It is applied to automobile headlamp system, ADB or non glare high beam lamp, continuous turn/animated daytime running lamp.
TPS92692 is a high-precision LED driver, which is divided into TPS92692 and TPS92692-Q1. Among them, TPS92692-Q1 has passed AEC-Q100 certification and is used for automobile exterior lighting.
SPC5606BK0MLQsoared to 30000 in 61 months

The previous price of SPC5606BK0MLQ6 had been stable at about 500 yuan, but it suddenly broke through 10000 yuan in April of 22 years, and even reached an extremely high price of 29472 yuan in May, which was amazing. Fortunately, it began to fall rapidly in the second month. Although it is still much higher than the normal price, the market heat and price have dropped several times.

SPC5606BK0MLQ6 is an NXP 32-bit automotive MCU, belonging to MPC560xB series, which is used in automotive battery management system (BMS), gateway, HVAC and industrial human-computer interface.
The naming rule MPC560xB/C/D series 32-bit MCU includes the latest integrated devices for automotive body electronics and industrial applications. The main naming rules are as follows:

The initial letter represents the qualification status, for example, “S” represents the vehicle specification level, M=general market qualification, S=vehicle qualification, P=engineering sample, “PC” refers to the power architecture core, “56” represents the power architecture of the vehicle platform, 56=90nm, “B” (Body) represents the body, “x”, and the number corresponds to different flash memory sizes (for z0 core), 5=768 KB6=1024 KB

SAK-TC234L-32F200N AC came and went in a hurry
The price of SAK-TC234L-32F200N AC remained stable all the time, but suddenly doubled in May of 22 years and reached the peak of 1741 yuan in June. However, the price of the chip has risen for only three months and has now fallen back to its previous level.

SAK-TC234L-32F200N AC belongs to AURIX ™ TC23xL series. Its innovative multi-core architecture, based on up to three independent 32-bit TriCore CPUs, is designed to meet the highest security standards while significantly improving performance. It is mainly used in industrial and safety fields.

ATMEGA328P-AU is a flash in the pan high price. Pi is very happy now
The price of ATMEGA328P-AU had been kept below 10 yuan before. In February 22, it suddenly soared to 250 yuan, but the high price was a flash in the pan. It began to fall in March and quickly fell back to 50 yuan within 4 months. Now it is the same as the normal price.

ATMEGA328P-AU is the AVR series 8-bit microcontroller of ATMEL under Microchip, which has low power consumption and high performance, and is officially recommended for use in automobiles at an official price of about US $2.5 (equivalent to about 16 yuan).

The naming rule ATmega48A/PA/88A/PA/168A/PA/328/P is a microchip based AVR ® Low power, CMOS 8-bit microcontroller with enhanced RISC architecture.

ATMEGAXXX XX-XX XXXXX=8, 16, 48, 128, 328 and other main chip models; XX=”P” low voltage, energy-saving technology, followed by indicating the voltage working range: with “V”, it represents 1.8V-5.5V, without “V”, it represents 2.7-5.5V, and L represents low frequency; XX=20, 10 represents the clock frequency; XX=first place of specification information represents encapsulation, P: DIP encapsulation, A: TQFP encapsulation, M: MLF encapsulation; The second letter indicates the application level.

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