Mobile phone is an indispensable Internet tool in our daily life. Adults, children and the elderly all need it. Mobile phone is a high-tech product of modern civilization. Now is the Internet age, and everyone can’t live without mobile phone. In short, it’s hard for everyone not to play with mobile phone for a day., If you have an old mobile phone or an abandoned mobile phone you have found, do not throw it away, because there is expensive gold in the mobile phone.

Every mobile phone contains gold. Because some parts of the motherboard that need excellent conductivity may need these precious metals, because the resistivity of gold or silver is very low and the conductivity is very good.

In the countryside, many people believe that they have seen mobile phone vendors recycle second-hand mobile phones. At present, mobile phone recycling can be mainly divided into two types. One is to recycle and sell in the second-hand market after renovation, and the other is to disassemble and extract the precious metal, namely gold. But how can we extract the gold from mobile phones? In fact, it is very simple, just a few steps, and I will explain it to you. Step 1: First, take out all your second-hand mobile phones.

Step 2: Open the mobile phone case, take out the motherboard, and then pull down all the things on the motherboard.

Step 3: Remove all the electronic components on the motherboard, leaving only one complete motherboard.

Part IV: Next, just smash the motherboard after the components have been disassembled. Use whatever method is good.

Step 5: Pour your broken motherboard into a glass jar or ceramic jar, and then pour in concentrated nitric acid to make them react.

Step 6: After chemical reaction, filter out the liquid with a rag, and the remaining small particles of gold are gold.

A friend of mine told me that 150 grams of gold and three kilograms of silver can be extracted from a ton of discarded old mobile phones. So don’t throw away any old mobile phones or discarded mobile phones you have found. It’s real gold and silver.

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