Air conditioners are almost indispensable household appliances in modern families. They are used for cooling in summer and heating in winter. What aspects should we pay attention to when buying air conditioners? The power of the air conditioner is too small to cool down in summer, the heating is not awesome in winter, and buying a high-power air conditioner consumes electricity, which is so expensive that it is necessary to choose a suitable air conditioner. The author will discuss this issue with you.

Types of household air conditioners:

  1. Classification by function:

Single cooling type: It is suitable for areas with hot summer and warm winter, or areas with sufficient heat supply in winter.

Cold and warm type: It is applicable to hot summer and cold winter areas, and it should pay attention to selecting air conditioners with heating capacity greater than cooling capacity to ensure heating effect.

Air conditioners can be divided into three types according to their functions: single cooling type, cold and warm type and electric auxiliary heating type. The single cooling air conditioner has outstanding refrigeration effect and is more suitable for use in summer; The cold and warm air conditioner has the dual function of cooling and heating, which can cool down in summer and heat up and keep warm in winter. Therefore, when choosing air conditioners for keeping warm in autumn and winter, we should choose cold and warm air conditioners.

  1. Classification according to structure appearance:

Window type air conditioner: indoor and outdoor units are integrated, which is suitable for small rooms. It is easy to install and cheap, but noisy.

Split wall mounted air conditioner: It is not limited by the installation location, and is easier to match with the interior decoration. It has low noise and requires high installation quality.

Split vertical type air conditioner: high power, strong wind, suitable for large living rooms and rooms, but a little noisy.

Ceiling type air conditioner: It covers a very small area, has a long air supply distance, and has good refrigeration effect, but is not easy to clean due to the limitation of installation location.

Embedded air conditioner: It covers a very small area, is beautiful and generous, has a wide air supply area, and has good refrigeration effect, but its cost is high.

Central air conditioning: no indoor space, no exposed pipelines, high comfort, no dead angle for air outlet, good decoration; However, the price is high and the installation is complex.

Air conditioners can be classified into window type, split wall mounted, split vertical cabinet, ceiling type, embedded type, central air conditioner, etc. according to different structural shapes. Due to different structural volumes, the space required is also different. When purchasing, it is better to select an air conditioner with appropriate structure according to the space size in the room.

How to choose air conditioner? Precautions:

1 Choose a formal channel to purchase air conditioners of a formal brand. There are many air conditioning brands on the market now. When purchasing air conditioners, we should choose those products with strong enterprise strength, high brand awareness and perfect after-sales service. Such enterprises not only have strong technical force, but also pay special attention to quality. It is more guaranteed to buy such products. Large domestic brands such as Gree and Midea. Air conditioner is a large household appliance, and after-sales service is very important. If consumers are greedy for bargains and buy products with weak enterprise strength and low brand awareness, the future will be endless. Never be greedy for cheap. Air conditioners are the most power consuming household appliances. Avoid the mistake of buying cheap with less money. Ineffective power consumption of cheap goods after use will make your actual expenditure much higher. If you pay more to save electricity when you buy, you will save much more than you spend when you buy. The purchase of air conditioners with poor quality will also affect the use experience, and they will often fall off the chain at the critical moment.

  1. First, determine the space size of the installation site, and purchase air conditioners at the lower limit of the applicable area in winter. The following data are based on the general 2-meter-9 high commercial housing in the south:

Large 1P hang up: suitable for space with an area of 10-15 square meters

1.5P hang up: suitable for space with an area of 14-18 square meters

Large 1.5P hang up: suitable for use in a space of 16-20 square meters

2P hanging/cabinet machine: suitable for space with an area of 20-30 square meters

3P hanging/cabinet machine: suitable for space of 30-40 square meters

Also consider the height of the site space. If it is more than 3m or the sealing is poor, it is recommended to buy a large number of air conditioners

  1. Choose single cooling or chiller heater, which should refer to the perennial temperature of your location. If it is in the hot south, you can choose single cooling. If the weather is relatively cold, it is necessary to consider selecting a cold and warm machine.
  2. The energy efficiency ratio of air conditioners. For air conditioners with the same horsepower, those with high energy efficiency ratio and those with low energy efficiency ratio can save energy and electricity. The air conditioners with higher energy efficiency ratio should be selected as far as possible. The energy efficiency ratio of air conditioners reflects the refrigeration (heat) converted from the unit input power during the operation of air conditioners. The higher the energy efficiency ratio of the air conditioner, the more electricity will be saved when the cooling capacity is equal. The higher the energy efficiency ratio of the air conditioner, the more electricity will be saved. Therefore, the energy efficiency ratio is also an important part of the considerations for buying air conditioners. At present, the air conditioners sold on the market adopt the new energy efficiency national standard. Among them, the air conditioners of Grade 1 are the most energy-saving, the air conditioners of Grade 2 are the second, and the air conditioners of Grade 3 are less energy-saving.
  3. Choice of constant frequency or variable frequency: Most air conditioners are variable frequency air conditioners, which can adjust the temperature by variable frequency without stopping. Ordinary constant frequency air conditioners can be turned off when the temperature reaches the set range, and can be turned on when the temperature needs to be adjusted. In fact, the power consumption of air conditioners is very large when they are turned on. If the economy allows, variable frequency air conditioners can be selected as far as possible. Variable frequency air conditioners have advantages in terms of comfort, energy saving, operation noise, etc
  4. Air conditioning installation: Air conditioning is a semi-finished product, which needs to be installed after purchase. Now, the general platform is a package installation service. This needs to be clarified. Remember not to ask someone to install it yourself. When purchasing air conditioners, you need to consider whether there is a location for installing an external unit. Nowadays, residential areas generally have a location for installing an external unit. In old buildings, you need to install a bracket. The original package of the air conditioner has a part of the installation line, and you need to charge for more than that. If the number of floors exceeds a certain level, you need to charge higher fees. The fees in each area are different, and the specific fees in your own area shall prevail. During installation, the rated power of the air conditioner shall be considered to select the required socket, which must be greater than the rated power of the air conditioner. This is the most basic safety problem.
  5. Avoid peak purchase periods. Generally speaking, the peak sales season of air conditioners is April September each year. There are a lot of purchases at this time, so the installers and after-sales service are definitely busy. So we’d better make preparations early when buying air conditioners to avoid the rush hour. The price of air conditioners in the off-season will also be relatively cheap.

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