Introduction: As we all know, Shenzhen Huaqiangbei Market is known as the “First Street of Electronics in China”. It is located in Futian District, Shenzhen, covering an area of ​​about 1.45 square kilometers. Devices are in stock. But this time it’s going to hit the “pause button” again…

This morning, the official account of the Shenzhen Health and Health Commission issued a document, “Announcement from Futian District and Luohu District in Shenzhen! These 6 streets will implement ‘strict stay at home’ for 4 days!”

According to the notice issued by the New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters in Futian District, Shenzhen: In order to respond to the current epidemic prevention and control situation, strictly control the risk of epidemic transmission, realize the dynamic clearing of the social situation as soon as possible, and better protect the health and safety of the residents. After research and judgment, it was decided to implement temporary control measures in Yuanling Street, Huaqiangbei Street, and Nanyuan Street.

In other words, community management is strictly enforced, all residents are strictly at home; all enterprises are in principle working from home, and production and business activities are suspended. The implementation time is from 0:00 on August 29 to 24:00 on September 1, 2022, and will be dynamically adjusted according to the situation of epidemic prevention and control. Of course, related bus and subway stations are also suspended.

As we all know, Shenzhen Huaqiangbei Market is known as the “First Street of Electronics in China”. It is located in Futian District, Shenzhen, covering an area of ​​about 1.45 square kilometers. It is the largest electronic product distribution center in Asia, and holds nearly 50% of the electronic components in the domestic open market. . According to the data, Huaqiangbei has 23 professional markets of various types, and the professional market area exceeds 1/5 of the total in Shenzhen. It supports the global technology electronics industry, of which electronic components account for as high as 50.14%.

Therefore, upon waking up, Huaqiangbei was pressed the “pause button” again this time. According to reports, many merchants in Huaqiangbei Market received property notices requesting to suspend business for four days. The logistics area of ​​the outdoor trading area of ​​Huaqiangbei Market has also been stopped, and transactions such as setting up stalls and transporting goods will not be carried out, nor will it be possible to send and receive express delivery. Huaqiang Electronic World, New Asia Mall, and Metropolis Electronic City have all released the latest announcements: Huaqiang Electronic World will implement home office, New Asia Mall will be closed for 4 days, and Metropolis Electronic City will be closed for 4 days.

In this regard, a number of Huaqiangbei dealers said to the outside world that they will start working from home for four days and receive orders normally during this period, but whether they can deliver goods depends on the specific business situation and product model. However, most customers expressed their understanding of the delivery situation affected by the epidemic prevention and control.

In any case, in terms of logistics, it may affect the shipment and purchase of chips! It is reported that most communities require “staying at home” and logistics may be delayed, which greatly affects the timeliness of delivery of goods. Under the circumstance that production is suspended and offline sales are blocked, the demand for parts in small batches and in urgent shortage of materials requires more stable supply channels. The biggest impact after working from home is that the chip is locked in the office, and the courier cannot send and receive normally, which affects the shipment of the chip.

In general, every move of Shenzhen Huaqiangbei will affect the domestic electronics industry. The 4-day suspension of business due to the impact of the epidemic will often have an impact on electronic transactions and even downstream manufacturers, and the follow-up impact deserves close attention.

However, this year is not the first time that Huaqiangbei has been shut down. In March, affected by the Shenzhen epidemic, Huaqiangbei was closed for a week. In June, Huaqiangbei merchants were suspended for three days due to the epidemic. The editor also believes that many Huaqiangbei chip distributors have taken better countermeasures compared to the previous unexpected situation.

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