One of the most debated issues of today’s time is the Ukraine war. Prominent voices in Germany are Alice Schwarzer, Mrs. Prof. Dr. Elisa Marie Hoven who created a written letter to German chancellor Olaf Scholz to not deliver heavy weapons to Ukraine.

In this process there are many fake news coming out of Russia, out of America and out of Ukraine and possibly also out of other countries.

Here we noticed a news article on Msn. Yes we know that this is not the best source. However the thing described beneath seems interesting

What chips can be extracted from household gadgets

(the Russian army repairs their tanks with first of all, we should make it clear that the requirements of military electronic components and civilian products are different. Civilian products must give high priority to performance, power consumption and cost, while military electronic components give the highest priority to reliability, environmental adaptability and anti-interference.

Don’t military CPUs pursue performance? The answer is not as much as civilian products. For example, in windows10, when you open the menu, you can see that the menu pops up with a progressive action. All human-computer interfaces have a three-dimensional visual effect, such as shadow, translucency, fade in and fade out. These fancy effects require CPU and GPU to calculate desperately in the background.

The interface of military electronic products is concise and clear as the first requirement. You can see that the cockpit display of F22 fighter is mainly based on simple lines, and the speed of CPU is not so high. In fact, the gem pillar avionics system of the F22 fighter uses 486cpu, while the world’s most advanced F35 gem avionics system uses Intel’s early core processor and 65nm process technology.

According to the working environment temperature range and radiation resistance from low to high, the grades of electronic components can be basically divided into four grades:

Civil, industrial, military and aerospace.

Civil electronic components can only work at room temperature, so their anti radiation and anti-interference ability is very low;

Industrial grade can work in outdoor and industrial workshop environment, with a wider working temperature range and certain anti-interference ability.

Military grade can work in more severe environment.

The space level is the summit, and it can work in space. When the sun shines directly, it can reach more than 200 degrees above zero, and when it is in shadow, it is one or two hundred degrees below zero. There are also various strong radiation, including X-rays, alpha particles, electromagnetic waves, and so on. Civil electronic components are basically finished as soon as they go up.

Therefore, the production of military IC and civil IC is very different:

(1) Military ICs usually do not need the most advanced manufacturing process, and some power devices especially need larger linewidth to carry large current. You should know that Ti and Adi, the two major manufacturers of military electronic components in the United States, do not have factories with top-level manufacturing processes such as Intel, TSMC and Samsung. Gallium arsenide, gallium nitride microwave power devices and MEMS Microwave devices use a larger process line width, usually tens of microns.

(2) The materials, manufacturing processes and packaging processes used by military ICs are different from those used by civilian products. They are all designed to meet the harsh working environment and reliability requirements.

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